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Moussaka flat bread is another fun riff on my traditional Moussaka recipe. I came across this concept at a restaurant and couldn’t wait to try it for myself. The basis of this recipe is that all of the delicious ingredients found in moussaka are finely diced and spread on top of flatbread, then the bechamel is drizzled on top.

To make this I used some of the leftover ingredients I had from when I made the full Moussaka casserole . However, if you are making this flatbread from scratch, you simply prepare about 1/8 of the ingredients from the recipe and you’ll be able to make about 4 flatbreads.

For the actual bread I used flatbread I’d found at the grocery store. You can also use a hearty whole grain bread or pita that’s been toasted if you’d like. Once I assemble the flatbread, I bake it in the oven at 350 degrees F for about 15 minutes. This warms it through, crisps the bread, and bakes the bechamel.

To serve the flatbread I slice it with a pizza cutter and allow my kids to eat it like a pizza slice. It also can be fun finger food to serve guests or have around for an easy lunch. I hope you all enjoy this fun interpretation of a classic Greek dish!

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