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How to make the best Frappe and Frappe Float

Today’s episode is really short and sweet but it is so much fun. Frappe are the most ubiquitous coffee beverages in Greece and there is no shortage of them everywhere you go. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they are found everywhere you go. They are also made at home with ease, and you can purchase the coffee here in America so you don’t skip a beat when you travel.

There are two ingredients in a frappe: Nescafe and water. In a frappe float there are three: Nescafe, water, and ice cream. Of course, you can always add milk (any variety) that you’d like, but I’m not going to tell you what to do. Some people like their frappes to be sweet so they add a little to a lot of sugar, the amount you add is up to you.

To make a frappe perfectly you need a machine or mechanism that can whip the coffee. The best thing to use is a milkshake maker, but a blender or handheld frother will also work. Add the sugar to the water before you blend it to make sure the coffee is really well blended and the sugar dissolved. Add the milk after the blending is complete.

To make the float make sure you leave enough room at the top of the glass for the ice cream. When you add it the ice cream will cause the foam to come out of the top of the glass. Also make sure you have a very long straw. In Greece the float would be treated more like dessert. For day sipping it’s typically made with coffee, water, and sugar as needed. I’m not kidding when I say people usually make 3 or more of these per day. It definitely keeps the country energized.

I hope you find these as refreshing and delicious as I do!


This might be the most popular beverage in Greece. Most people drink several per day! This is the method I use to make it. To make it more of a dessert we add vanilla ice cream! It would taste good with a little chocolate sauce, too.

Makes 1


2 tsp of Nescafe 2 tsp of granulated sugar 1/3 cup water Milk of your choice

Vanilla ice cream to make a float

1 tall glass

  1. Add the Nescafe, sugar, and water to a blender or cup that will fit a frother.

  2. Blend the coffee well until it is frothy and light brown. In a milkshake machine it takes less than 15 seconds, it might take a little longer depending on your blender.

  3. Pour the coffee into a tall glass and add the milk of your choice.

  4. To make it into a float add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!

  5. Enjoy!

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