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Loaded Bagel Bread Kone

There are endless possibilities with delicious sandwiches you could make with a bread kone. Today I’m sharing how I make a Loaded Bagel Bread Kone. It’s exactly what you assume it would be, a seasoned break kone loaded with cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion. I swear, it tastes like the best bagel sandwich you’ve ever had. 

These episodes aren’t so much about making a recipe from scratch. They are about taking a fresh bread kone and constructing a beautiful sandwich with a balanced proportion of ingredients.

In the case of this bread kone I recommend portioning everything like you would you are making a bagel sandwich, and then stuff it into the bread kone instead. It’s that simple! 

Serve this up for breakfast or to friends coming over for a weekend brunch. They’ll love the fun twist on tradition and might even ask for seconds. Enjoy! 

Loaded Bagel Bread Kone 

This bread kone is a fresh take on your favorite bagel sandwich 


  • 1 large bread kone 

  • Cream cheese 

  • Diced tomato 

  • Diced cucumber 

  • Dill 

  • Thinly sliced red onion 

  • Smoked Salmon 


  1. Swipe the inside of the bread kone with cream cheese. Then, add the diced tomato and cucumbers, a sprinkle of dill, two or three thin slices of red onion, and the smoked salmon. 

  1. Enjoy! 



Nikki Glekas is the owner of Nikki Glekas Events, a full-service catering and events company located in Stamford, CT.. To discuss further please contact or call 203.658.8659.

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